Our People

White Lotus Massage is owned and run by Vlado and Lucy Viglasky, who have many years of massage experience behind them. It is a commercial arm of White Lotus Foundation – a social enterprise.

We maximize our income like a private business, but all profits are used to teach blind beggars in poor countries how to massage and then we find them a job.

If you would like to support our projects, please come to our studio for a massage.  You will benefit in several ways – our massage will make you feel good on the outside; knowing how we spend your money will make you feel good on the inside.  And when your time to meet your maker will come and you are asked: “Did you matter? Did you make a difference in anybody’s life? Is the world a better place because of you?”  Visit us and you will have a positive answer.


The Client’s confidentiality is our utmost priority. The health, financial information and e-mail of the client are kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone outside the organization.

Appointment & Cancellation

It is requested that the client schedule an appointment with the organization. Should, due to any reason, the client is unable to make it to the appointment, it is requested that prior notification is provided to the organization, preferably 24 hours in advance.



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